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Seven Deadly Sins

Well here we are back once again with our latest batch of super-fun goodness known as Geo’s Vixens. And this month we have something that is sure to stupify, amaze, and above all make your

fantasies come to life… And as next month is Halloween maybe even some of your fears. Coulrophobia, is the fear of clowns, I haven’t met too many that have really enticed me to see clowns in a very positive light… That is until I met Stitches:The Cotton Candy Clown. Stitches is one of the creations behind my good friend and lovely vixen, Seven Deadly SinsINC. And I must say, I think she can change your opinions about these colorful yet creepy heroes of the 3-Ring Spotlight.

Now Seven, as I said has many creations of her very own cosplay under her belt, but it’s Stitches that really stood out for me and I think will do the same for you, (…or at the very least, confuse your boner).

But enough talking let’s see exactley what I’m talking about in this very colorful Geo’s Vixen Spotlight… Send in the clown… Stitches: The Cotton Candy Clown.

Well I know if you’re anything like yours truly, this was quite an eye-opening pictorial to say the least. And clowns, well.. they may not be as scary as sexy after seeing this.

I do hope you enjoyed as much as I did.

But we aren’t done yet. Let’s take a look at the girl behind the make-up. This is the lovely Miss September sans the clown coloring.

This is Seven Deadly SinsINC.



And last but never least, it’s time for the Geo’s Vixen grand tradition. A pinup by yours truly.

Miss September

Stitches copy

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