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Wow, can you believe we’re almost to the end of Geo’s Vixens year One?? And what a first year it has been,

full of gorgeous lovelies in yours truly’s ultimate salute… to Pinups. And November hold no bounds as we have joining Geo’s Vixens the lovely Miss Luz.

A beyond sexy, complete with a latin fire there is no putting out.

And this month I decided to get right to the visual beauty as we delve into Luz’s gallery of goodness… Let’s see what we have in store.


Talk about keeping the cold nights in November nice and toasty. Luz’s gallery indeed does the trick. But her feature here at Geo’s Vixens would n’t be complete

without her very of Pinup created by yours truly. Cheers to you Luz. 

Vixen Lux Pin-Up w-cver done

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