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And here we are with a new month and a new featured beauty at Geo’s Vixens. And this month holds a real femme fatale in the form of a Russian lovely no one can deny.

She’s deadly, she’s dangerous, and she’s here for you to view. But let’s here more from this sexy sensual beauty, in her own words here at Geo’s Vixens.

“What can I say about myself?  I’m an unusual girl.  I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia during the end of the communist era.  My parents were both engineers for the Soviet Government – so I lived a privileged life.  I spent many summers in the village with my grandmother and brothers where I learned to track animals, hunt, and shoot a gun.  I spent my winters in the city with my girlfriends, where I learned to flirt, hunt, and shoot vodka.  I studied for my degree in engineering and traveled around Europe, enjoying my life of parties and adventure.
When it all came crashing down, I saw the poverty, the bread lines, the lack of basic human necessities, but I never seemed to have a problem getting what I wanted.  It was only later that I began to understand that I had something special.  In Russia – we say that a man who can make a living as a mechanic or an electrician has “Golden Hands”.  I have a “Golden Face” – and when I realized that, I was on the road to have all of my dreams come true.  
When I was sitting in my apartment in Russia – watching Hollywood movies and dreaming of fame and fortune – I never thought that it would come true.  But life is full of magic – if you know where to look.
Now I live in California.  I miss mother Russia, the beauty, the culture, the danger, the ever present struggle to “survive” – but I don’t miss the long dark winters – the rain and the cold.  I love California – the land of endless summer.  I love the sun, laying next to the pool sipping a cocktail – that’s my life now.  I am an artist – I paint murals – I model – and I am working towards an acting career.  Who knew that my face and a little magic would bring me to where I am today.
And in the future…
I want to be famous.  Fabulously famous.
And I know it will happen one day – I just need to find a little magic! Do you believe in magic? 😉 I do ……. “



Well if that wasn’t enough, Nikita is about to knock your socks  dead in her very own gallery feature. Filled with heartbreaking bad girl danger.


And if that wasn’t enough, this glorious femme fatale is also celebrated with nothing

less than a pinup by yours truly.


Nikita Mermaid-Censored

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