Yes it’s that time once again for yours truly to bring you the ultimate in empowered beauty… And this month we have an very special reason to give thanks… 

Her name is Tiffany Noelwing… Cosplayer extraordinaire, and good friend of your ol’ buddy Geo. Tiffany hails from the hot desert state of Arizona, and 

with a smile that can light up a room, and her trademark radiant red hair and blonde streak, it’s easy to see how heads turn whenever Tiffany walks by. 

 As a fan of the classic Puppet Master franchise Tiffany wanted to do something featuring her favorite lil slasher in the films, “Blade”. QUEEN of the Puppet Masters if you will… In  her own burlesque stage-style show. But let’s hear more from Tiffany in her own words… 

                                               “I guess that I am an independent cosplayer and I like experimenting with different genres.I like the more creative side of horror…beauty of the darkness I guess.To me,  no one is ever too old to fancy their self as some one else (like me as the new Puppet Master).Or like how some people put on a costume to hide while Cosplayers use costumes to show who we really are. No one is ever too old to fancy to recreate themselves as someone else (like me as the new Puppet Master).  Some people put on a costume to hide while Cosplayers use costumes to show who we really are.”  

Insightful words from not only a puppet master, but a master cosplayer… And now let’s see more of this ravishing beauty in her very own featured gallery. 


Well that wasn’t enough to heat up this cold November fall, let’s check out Tiffany’s very own pinup design created by yours truly… I want to thank Tiffany so much for feeling empowered and amazing enough to become one of Geo’s Vixens. As a friend, personally I think it was long over-due.
Thanks again Tiffany. And until next month try to keep warm as we enter into the chilly months ahead.







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