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Well the Summer is just around the corner… And what more can you ask for to heat things up than another one of Geo’s Vixens.
And Miss May is definitely doing just that. Her name is
Nil Gentern and she is quite the create designer and cosplayer. Hailing from SoCal, Nil is an absolute delight to have join this years Vixens.

But let’s learn a little more about Miss May in her own words.

“Age: old enough to remember MTV actually playing music and Cheetos shaped like paws

Likes: boys, sewing and homemade chai tea lattes

Dislikes: lack of hugs, icy hot and not knowing where Jinx (my black kitten) is

Current weakness: 90’s pulse/dance music, cheesecake and American Horror Story

Favorite color: cobalt blue. Because black is not a color. It’s a shade.

Currently wearing: war paint”



Well if she’s not the belle of the ball I don’t know who is. But now that we’ve heard from this lovely lass, lets see a bit more of her in her own featured gallery…




Like I said, Nil definitely gets the summer on the right track… But we aren’t done yet, as is tradition here at Geo’s Vixens we have a pinup of Nil created by yours truly. And in this pinup Nil wanted to show her darker side. So we came up with something definitely dark and sexy. 

And here she is… 

Miss May

**Doll copy

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