“I am passionate about the art I create and the designs that I make come to life. Here you can see the various mediums I work in.”

“Geo After Dark is a look into the world according to Geo Brawn, himself. Music, Movies, all things geek, all with a horror twist, all brought to you to enjoy. So come along and bucket up, it’s gonna be a Hell of a ride in podcast goodness.”

Imagine a world filled with monsters and things that go bump in the night. Imagine that they like to hide in plain sight, right under you nose… Now imagine that their world is your world. And they are only a few steps away… waiting. Enter— THE UNTOLD CHRONICLES

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The complete volumes of “everdance” and “blood rites”. Plus a sneak preview of “Rosabelle”. Download the first chapter.

Deep Inside The Pirate Office
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