“I am passionate about the art I create and the designs that I make come to life. Here you can see the various mediums I work in.”

“Geo After Dark is a look into the world according to Geo Brawn, himself. Music, Movies, all things geek, all with a horror twist, all brought to you to enjoy. So come along and bucket up, it’s gonna be a Hell of a ride in podcast goodness.”

Here we have a collection of work I’ve done that’s not related to stories and comics I’ve created. Some for friends, others as paid commissions for clients like The World Famous Bunny Ranch and many more, Enjoy!

Check out commissions and collaborations!!     My commissions and collaborations collections.

Check out modern mythology! Here you will find my modern mythology collections.

Check out pin – ups!!!!Here you will find my pin ups collections

Check out paintings!!Here you will find my painting collections.

Check out logos and graphic designs!!Here you will find my logos and graphic designs collections.

Deep Inside The Pirate Office
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