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Well, we are in the heart of summer now as July comes calling here at Geo’s Vixens. And this month wee have a vixen of pure delight. 

Actress and model, Stacey Hayes joins Geo’s Vixens here, and she’s got a smile that could outshine the sun itself. 

Let’s read a bit more on this glowing blonde beauty with her featured bio here. 

Stacey Hayes (born 10 August 1976) is an English television infomercial spokesperson, comedian, actress, model and one-time competitive ice-skater. She was born in London, England and raised in Nebraska, United States.

She has appeared in many magazines, television shows and movies including soap operas such as Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless, as well as primetime shows such as Las Vegas and Boston Legal. She has also tried her hand at stand-up comedy work at The Comedy Store, which helped her join as co-host for the 3rd season of Chuck Woolery‘s Lingo.

Recently, she has periodically made cameo appearances in Spike TV‘s show MANswers. She also appears as a pitchperson with model/actress Carmen Palumbo on internet entrepreneur/television personality Jeff Paul‘s Internet Millions infomercial nationally, as well as other “get rich quick” infomercials as of late 2010.


MANswers (7 episodes, 2007–2008)

Gene Simmons Family Jewels (1 episode, 2006)

M80 (1 episode, 2006)

Las Vegas (1 episode, 2005)

Passions (2 episodes, 2002)

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1 episode, 2000)

Pajama Party (13 episodes, 2000)

Sunset Beach (1 episode, 1999)

Lingo (65 episodes, 2003-2004)

Howard Stern (2 episodes, 2005)

The Real Roseanne Show (1 episode, 2003)

Talk Soup (1 episode, 2001)


Casting Ripe Live (2005)

Sunset Strip (2000)

The Debtors (1999)

Ghosts of the Abyss (2003) (voice)

Video game[edit]

Cool Girl (2004) (VG)

Road Rash (1997) (VG)

Wow, as you can see… Stacey has quite the resume… Being on some of the coolest shows on TV. But we’re not done yet… Because it’s time for Miss July’s

Featured Gallery.



Well Stacey just made the summer even hotter with her featured gallery… But we’re not done yet… As is tradition here at Geo’s Vixens,,, 
It’s time once again for this month’s featured vixen pinup created by yours truly. Hope you enjoy… Thanks so much Stacey you are absolutely killer!!!
Stay cool this season, and fire yup that BBQ.  

Space Stacey. complete

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Chanel Banner

Well it’s that time of the year already… Yours truly’s favorite time, October. And what more can fans of Geo’s Vixens 

enjoy than Geo’s Vixens (FIRST) return Vixen. Back in April 2012, I was lucky enough to have the actor/model extraordinaire Chanel Ryan as a vixen, and now I’m even luckier to have her return once again for all of us to enjoy.

Let’s see what this lovely femme fatale has been up to in her bio. 

The Actor

Chanel, an American actor has successfully navigated the acting and modeling industry over the past decade. Descriptions of Chanel are as varied as the roles she plays. A ball of energy with captivating eyes in a pretty blonde package. She’s a chameleon with strength, vulnerability, and great comedic timing in equal amounts. She shines in the lighter, bubbly types and specializes in darker material, playing edgy and troubled young women as well.

Ryan’s first movie appearance was in the independent film WAITING FOR THE ROCKET. When she auditioned for the film GEORGE WALLACE legendary director John Frankenheimer offered her the part on the spot, working with veteran actors Gary Sinise and Mare Winningham. Next she landed the role of one of the Felon Cheerleaders in the Universal film BASEkeball, from the creators of South Park and director David Zucker. Her improv training with the Groundlings and ACME Comedy Theater helped her garner a guest starring role opposite Bill Murray in the pilot THE SWEET SPOT. 

During the early years of her career, Chanel’s main focus was modeling. In 2011, she shifted her attention from modeling to acting full time. Her recent acting roles include Jonas Akerlund’s SMALL APARTMENTS with James Caan and Billy Crystal; DOROTHY & THE WITCHES OF OZ, starring Sean Astin, Christopher Lloyd and Lance Henrickson; SKUM ROCKS with Alice Cooper and BAD KIDS GO TO HELL with Judd Nelson and Ben Browder, based on the best-selling comic book. 

She appears as “Fantazia” in the cult classic follow-up HOBGOBLINS 2 from director Rick Sloan and is next featured in, the soon-to-be-released horror film, ALICE D, where she plays horror icon Kane Hodder’s evil sidekick “Isabel”; Creature Feature DEAD SEA alongside scream queen Devanny Pinn; and the upcoming drama BIGGER THAN THE BEATLES as Candice Bergen.

Next, she is starring in two independent films; horror film CIRCUS OF THE DEAD alongside genre legend Bill Oberst Jr., the psychological thriller HOUSE ON RODEO GULCH.

Always striving for more from her career, the progression to producer was only natural. She is currently in development on her feature film producing debut: CRIMSON SAINTS, where she brings her extensive experience, knowledge of public relations/marketing/branding and her vast rolodex to the project.

Chanel has studied with some of L.A.’s most respected and renowned acting coaches including Margie Haber (Master Class), Aaron Speiser, Lesly Kahn, John Rosenfeld and Scott Seditas.

Her affinity for accents and extensive dialect coaching from the “Master of Voices”, Bob Corff, has helped her perfect numerous accents, from British to Southern.

She’s proficient with handguns, automatic rifles and shotguns, as well as hand to hand combat including knife and firearm disarmament. 

Look for her in “BAD KIDS GO TO HELL”,  “SMALL APARTMENTS” & “SKUM ROCKS” and “CIRCUS OF THE DEAD” coming soon!

Visit me online at:







The Model

To date, Chanel has appeared in over 30 national commercials including PEPSI, SATURN, VOLKSWAGEN, DEL TACO, WET & WILD COSMETICS, AUDI, COCA-COLA, and VISA. You have seen her in campaigns for ANHEUSER BUSCH, BURKE WILLIAMS SPAS, EDWARD JONES INVESTMENTS, HARLEY DAVIDSON SWIMWEAR, HARRAH’S CASINOS and MILLER BEER, as well as in fashion shows for FREDRICK’S OF HOLLYWOOD.

Named one of the “Sexiest Women on the Planet” by magazines from four continents, her face and body have graced magazines across the globe, including ESQUIRE, GQ, MAXIM, FHM and PLAYBOY.

In 2004, Chanel created her “CHANEL” Swimsuit Calendar; garnishing awards year after year and becoming a seasoned producer of photography and editorial layouts. Her shoots appear regularly on magazine covers and editorials around the world; in publications such as FHM, DT, NUTS, MEN’S EDGE, PEOPLE, RALPH, etc. Her clients range from fashion designers, models and actors, feature film campaigns and image consultancy.

The Activist

An avid animal lover, activist and “rescuer”, Chanel shares her home with two “adoptees”; a cat named Ruby Tuesday and a border collie named Lucky. A portion of the proceeds from her numerous autograph appearances, go to support animal charities each year.

This is one busy All-American girl, and if reading all about her wasn’t enough, let’s see some more of her in her own Vixen Gallery!!


Even though she’s shifted her career from modeling to full-time acting, she definitely stands out in any of her pictures here. And that being said, I must give Chanel a BIG thanks for coming back again and sharing even more with her fans

Her star is only rising, and yours truly sees a very bright future ahead. 

Now as costumery at Geo’s Vixens, let’s see if I can capture her beauty in her very own pinup created by me.

This time around I wanted to give her a bit of a Lovecraftian twist. Happy Halloween Everyone!!
Thanks again, Chanel… You are Killer!!! 


Chanel Chutulu

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It’s September, and as kids go back to school, yours truly give you our latest here at Geo’s Vixens. And Miss September is without a doubt stunning… 

 Hannah Landberg was born on August 7th, 1984 in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a talented actress, known for: Entourage (TV Series, 2007), Perceptio (2011), Live With It, Big Time Rush (TV Series, 2011), The Ropes (TV Series in 2012 as “Lisa”), Crank: High Voltage, The Soul Agency, Rabid Love (2013) as “Summer Watson.”

Let’s go around the world with Hannah Mae Landberg, a model from the Midwest, she’s tall and sultry at- 5’ 8” and all natural, with chestnut-brown hair, perky breasts, succulent lips and hypnotic green eyes. “It was a great place to grow up, but I’m really happy in California,” she says. “Modeling is a great job. I’ve gotten to travel all over the world, and to work with some really talented people.” As a top fashion model, Hannah has worked in Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore, just to name a few of the more fabulous countries!

     When she’s not working, Hannah rides horses, walks her dog and shops, and when she’s alone, she loves to read. “I’m a little bit of a bookworm,” she admits. “My guilty pleasures are the Shopaholic books.” When it comes to guys, Hannah is a similarly open book. “I wouldn’t say that I have a type,” she says. “If there’s a connection, then I’m interested. But I do need someone who can challenge me mentally – I want to be able to talk about anything, from politics to pop culture.”

 Hannah Landberg was born on August 7th, 1984 in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a talented actress, known for: Entourage (TV Series, 2007), Perceptio (2011), Live With It, Big Time Rush (TV Series, 2011), The Ropes (TV Series in 2012 as “Lisa”), Crank: High Voltage, The Soul Agency, Rabid Love (2013) as “Summer Watson.”

Her star is definitely rising, and that being said, let’s see more of this gorgeous dream in her very own image gallery. 


And if that wasn’t enough, no vixen page would be complete without 

a pinup by yours truly. And this angel deserves nothing less.

Happy September Everybody.

Miss September 

Hannah Landberg

Hannah Pinup ad



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Seregon Banner

Well here we are… It’s 2015, and that means a whole new year for yours truly and we start off the year better than ever with Miss January.

Seregon O’Dassey is her name and she’s a definite force to be reckoned with. She’s a femme fatale of many talents and we are lucky enough to bring her here to

Geo’s Vixens.

Let’s learn a bit more about Seregon here in her bio. 

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vixen_2012_Dec_Jessica Rose/

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Tis the Season for Geo’s Vixens and we end the year on a sweet lil’ high note with this month’s vixen supreme… Jessica Rose. 

A lovely professional model who has style and class like no other. Let’s hear some more from Miss Rose herself…


I am a very experienced model in the Los Angeles, CA area, specifically located in the Santa Clarita Valley, about 30 miles north of downtown LA.

I do all types of modeling including:

high fashion, avant-garde, editorial, commercial, retro, pinup, swimsuit, and alt. I pride myself on being one of the most versatile and diverse models out there. I HAVE BEEN TOLD I AM A CHAMELEON! I love the challenge of trying to create a new look at each of my shoots/projects. I’m always up for something new! My PASSION is modeling, I LOVE to do it, so I am willing to model most styles as long as I am modeling something! Sorry but I don’t do nudes, semi-nudes, or implied nudes.

Please send me a message if you are interested in booking me for a project. I am doing mostly paid work nowadays, but some limited TFP/CD if it will result in a tear sheet or you are an excellent photographer with something new to add to my book, have an amazing concept, lots of exposure to offer, etc.

I have traveled all over Europe and the United States. I love to travel. My favorite countries in Europe that I’ve visited are England, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Holland, Denmark, and Sweden. I speak fluent Spanish and German, and intermediate Italian. I’m always up for meeting and working with people from other countries. International cultures intrigue me.

Also, I’ve been a dancer since I was 3. I’ve performed in numerous tap, jazz, and ballet dance shows like the Nutcracker, taught tango lessons, and been part of dancer performance groups. And I sew and design my own clothes (see my albums here for samples of my designs, most of my photos here have my designs or styling), and I’ve been doing professional photography since the beginning of 2008. All of this helps lend creativity and options to a shoot!

Update: I started photography at the beginning of 2008 (I am self-taught, have never taken a class, but learned on the job from many mentor photographers I worked with as a model)…add my photography myspace at www.myspace.com/jrosephotographer to see my work…let me know if you could use my photography services as well!

Also, I don’t tend to follow the crowd. I like to be different. I think being fake is dumb. There are so many fakes in this industry and people who think they have to act a certain way to be cool. I am here to make art, not to play dumb networking games about who is in the in crowd, who knows who, who shot or worked with who, who hangs out with or met who, we are all people! I like to be nice to everyone! I stand up for my own beliefs. I am Christian, don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs, and believe going for your educational or career goals is very important in life! If you need a real friend, not a fake friend, you can come to me!”

Thanks =)


Here are Links to my other albums of work…










goth: http://www.myspace.com/topmodelrose/photos/albums/album/1172334#mssrc=SitesPhotos_


pinup: http://www.myspace.com/topmodelrose/photos/albums/album/1860330#mssrc=SitesPhotos_


concept: http://www.myspace.com/topmodelrose/photos/albums/album/1172865#mssrc=SitesPhotos_


pinup: http://www.myspace.com/topmodelrose/photos/albums/album/813413#mssrc=SitesPhotos_


With an amazing background in modeling as well as much much more, it’s easy to see why this red headed beauty is in high demand. 

And without further ado, and with what has become a killer tradition here at Geo’s Vixen’s…

I present Jessica’s Pinup created by yours truly. Happy Holidays to all.. And to all a good night!!! 



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Vixen_2014_April_Lilli Luxe

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Lilli’s her name and 40’s-style pinup is this beauties game… At 36DD-28-42 and a statuesque 5’8″

She definitely fits this gorgeous era… Let’s hear a bit more from this Columbus, OH. femme fatale in her own words.

“I’m always in a pair of high heels and wearing a dress. I love vintage culture (40’s-60’s) and am heavily inspired by pinup art.

I’m a true curvaceous woman, very proportional, with the tiny waist, large (natural) breasts, and shapely hips.

Professional experience in (Print, Runway, Promotions & Fit Modeling) and am always punctual and easy going for every shoot.

Currently looking to build portfolio with paid work.”

                                                                                                           ~Lilli Luxe

WOW, who doesn’t love a pinup who knows what she likes.

And now it’s time to see a bit more of this lady lovely in her Vixen Gallery.

And to top off this lovely April feature, here at Geo’s Vixens,

it’s time for a pinup of Lilli Luxe, by yours truly.


Lilli's Pinup copy

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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